Cosy Winter Nights & how to make the most of them

It's that time of the year again. The beauty of Autumn has arrived. Crunchy leaves, cold noses and rosy cheeks. Long walks in the cold and for us as a family with our much loved pet dog Millie, fortunate to come back into the warmth of our home. Defrosting with a hot chocolate or pumpkin spiced coffee in front of the wood burner. The nights are drawing in, its getting dark earlier and we are spending a lot more time in doors. One thing that is synonymous with these sort of days for us, is the love of lighting our favourite candles and fragrancing our home especially in the evenings. For us it gives us a sense of cosy warmth thats comforting and relaxing. Not too dissimilar to the danish lifestyle trend of Hygge. This concept which we have all been partaking in for many a year, has now become more mainstream and identifiable with the onset of social media making us more aware of this Hygge trend. Trends are visible with instagram celebrities such as Mrs Hinch, who made fragrancing her home part of her day to day routine with her use of wax melts to make it a more enjoyable and comfortable environment.

The sense of smell is a very powerful tool. It relates and associates different situations to us via our senses. Some scents can remind us of long walks by the beach (our Sea Salt & Neroli candle is the epitome of this for me ) and others like our Frankincense & Myrrh candle remind me of cosy nights by the fire, curled up watching a good movie or reading a book. Our Victorian Spice candle instantly transports me to the festive Christmas Season with notes of Cinnamon, Nutmeg & Sweet Orange. I personally associate Christmas with thoughts of relaxing happy times so therefore love the scent of this candle.

Fragrance tips to make you home more cosy for Winter:


Lighting your favourite candle when you know you are spending a cosy night in. When you light your candle to get the best performance from it, make sure that you have plenty of time to let it burn. This is really important when its the first time you are burning your candle. You need to create a full burn pool on the first lighting. Wax strangely enough has a memory of sorts and if you do not give your candle enough time create a full burn pool on its first lighting your candle will start to tunnel and you wont get the full use out of your candle.

Wax Melts

Using wax melts in your home is a really great way for you to experiment with different fragrances. You can change scents more quickly than if you are waiting to finish up one candle before starting another. Wax melts are a relatively inexpensive way of testing different scents and for you to find the one that is perfect for you to create that cosy warm Hygge Winters night. Varying seasonal fragrances can create different atmospheres to compliment your home.

Alternatively, if you have candles that have already started to tunnel and you don't want to waste the fragranced wax....fear not, you can use this wax in your wax melter. Carefully breakaway some of the wax against the side of the vessel and add it to your wax melter.


If you do not want to use a lit candle in your home especially if you don't have the time to let your candle create a full burn pool, using diffusers are a great way to gently infuse your room and have it smelling amazing on a continual basis. The fragrancing is more subtle than burning a candle, but here are two different tips you can use to get more from you diffuser. Firstly you can flip your diffuser reeds to give an instant burst of fresh scent. Secondly if you have a radiator cover place your diffuser on top of the cover (never near a naked flame or in a place where it can topple and spill & always out of the reach of children and pets) The heat from the radiator under the cover will gently heat your diffuser and speed up the diffusing process and help release the scent into your room. This is also similar for a sunny window sill. If you put your diffuser in a sunny space during the day the heat will help diffuse the fragrance a little more and your home will continually smell amazing when you don't have time to keep any eye on your lit candle.

Room Spray

Another option that is a little more instant is our Oakes Candles Room Spray. Our Alcohol based fragrance spritz immediately scents your home. Its great when you have just finished cooking and are ready to settle down for your cosy night. Our light mist infuses the air and our premium fragrance oils linger to create an instant change of ambient fragrance.

We hope you have enjoyed our first "Oakes Candles" Autumn Blog and that you have found it helpful in understanding different ways to fragrance your home to create a relaxing ambience suited to your needs.

If you have any questions of queries do not hesitate to contact us at "Oakes Candles". We are here to help, be it in terms of product advice or in direction of fragrance advice that you may wish to choose.

Happy shopping!!!

Best wishes,

Liz xoxo

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