The Secret To The Wooden Wick Explained...

Hi fellow candle lovers, we are sure most of you already know that we decided to manufacture a range of candles that has the illusive wooden wick taking pride of place in the centre instead of our go-to favourite Cotton/Linen wick. ( commonly known in the industry as CL wicks )

We have had many questions from previous customers asking why?, also are there any pros and cons to having the different ones.


For “Oakes Candles” personally it was a case of a cup of coffee and a discussion at one of our Monday morning meetings - “lets try something different”.

So wooden wicks became our new addition. We initially ordered a small quantity and set about manufacturing some sample candles first, to test the way they burned and more importantly to get the correct sizing for the votive we had in mind.

First thing we noticed in testing was the wooden wick was not as straight forward in lighting the candle and getting it to burn continuously after initial lighting, (until we developed some fool proof steps below)

Next thing we noticed was a little bit more sooting on initial light up, (to be expected as it is wood after all), and the last thing we noticed was the subtle crackling sound which we found to be really relaxing and calming.

After a few mins the extra heat generated from the wooden wick increased the fragrance throw from our usual set percentage of wax to fragrance, to the point we actually wondered had we mis-calculated in manufacturing, but as usual we were spot on and confusion turned to delight.

Last little thing we noticed was the wick once burned, if not carefully trimmed, would fall into the wax and discolour it. Not the most crucial of observations, however if your like us here at OC HQ we have naturally become very fussy over these little minor details.

Our thoughts...

We decided to detail the steps to ensure all our lovely customers get the same experience from our wood wicks as our cotton linen wicks (increased fire power).

To explain how to minimise the sooting and eliminate the discolouring of wax by educating the end user to trim the wick.

So we set about writing this how to blog as a reminder of what to do, to get the best from your beautiful, wooden wick.

How to

Regular wicks are made from cotton and linen and then are coated with wax. This essentially gives the candle fuel to sustain the flame and hence they light much more easily. The wood wicks are not coated. Its similar to lighting a real wood fire you need to get the wick started so it will kindle and then light and the best way to do that is as follows:


1. If this is the first time lighting your wood wick skip to step 3. If if has been previously lit please follow the next step.

2. If the candle has previously been lit, make sure you remove excess charred wood wick and discard. If it has been lit several times and the wax has started to tunnel, even out the candle surface. You can do this with a tea spoon and you can use the excess wax you have removed in a wax melter if you own one or you can discard.

3. Use a gas lighter as you can give it a blast that is more sustained than using matches. (a cheap long kitchen lighter works amazing)

4. Aim the tip of the gas lighter at the base of the wick so that when you ignite the lighter is melts a little touch of wax as well as the wick (so that similar to the cotton linen coated wicks the wood wick now has fuel for its fire and will then self sustain)

5. Do make sure to give the wick a good few moments with the lighter to ensure it ignites fully as remember we are light wood and it needs heat to start to kindle.

After a minute or two the candle will fire into life and then crackle away of its own accord.

Mission Accomplished!

A little different to light than your average wick I hear you say, but the results are well worth it!!!

Just remember to trim a little of the burnt wick away before relighting and try to keep it out of the wax!!!

As always we are here to help and any questions queries or feedback is more than welcomed.

Lee & Liz.....Oakes Candles xoxo

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