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Oakes Candles, 100ml VALENTINES Diffuser


100ml “Oakes Diffuser” is beautiful and minimal, understated and chic with the added addition of Personilisation for Valentines Day.


  • The diffuser liquid is housed in simple cylindrical white glassware, with a silver screw on cap.
  • The 100ml Diffuser is elegantly finished with our metallic silver fragrance label, stating the fragrance and the top, middle and base frangrance notes of your diffuser.
  • Each diffuser has black natural fibre reeds designed to give you the maximun throw of fragrance from your diffuser.
  • Finally your luxury Oakes Diffuser is elegantly packaged in a bespoke, chic black & silver foil box.
  • A single 100ml Diffuser will fragrance for up to 3 + months from opening. It is dependent on where it is situated as to how fast it will diffuse.



  • Firstly remove the diffuser and diffuser sticks from the packaging.
  • Then carefully remove the silver cap from the bottle
  • Please remove the clear plug and discard appropriately.
  • Replace the silver cap & insert the diffsuer reeds.
  • Please place the diffuser in a place that is in keeping with the safety information provided below and visable on the packaging.


Diffuser Use & Care:

- NOTE:Diffuser liquid is flammable and should be kept away from naked flames & sources of ignition

- NEVER set alight the reeds

- Keep candles out of reach of children & pets

- Do not place on a painted/high gloss/or porous surface

- IF SWALLOWEDplease seek immediate medical advice

- If the products gets in the EYES,rinse with cold water for several minutes and if irritation persists seek medical advice/attention

- If the products get on the SKIN please wash with soap and water. If irritation occurs please seek medical advice/attention.

- Always keep any packaging for future reference


Particulars in relation to personalised orders

Please Note:

  • Orders that are personalised are non refundable for obvious reasons.
  • At busy times for example (Christmas, Valantines Easter etc) the abilty to provide a particlar colour for personalisation may not be available.
  • We endeavour to provide you with what you have requested.
  • In the unlikely event there is a shortage on availability we will contact you with availbale options.
  • If we contact you and do not hear back from you before shipping cut off, we will ship to you the best available solution we can provide to avoid any customer disappointment.
  • If you have any furhter questions or queries ont his matter do not hesitate to contact us and we will, as always, do our best to help you.

Valentines Diffuser

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